Q4Glass is a company that has been established in 2010 by experienced engineers and managers who have previously gained experience and contributed to success of NordGlass – leading manufacturer of the automotive glass. From the very beginning of Q4Glass we have been supported by a strong production team which which previously worked with us at NordGlass. We have successfully used and developed our experience from a very demanding automotive market to day-to-day work at Q4Glass.

Working with glass is our passion and we have decided to take up another challenge – creation of a modern company providing glass products for the construction industry.

We have always set very ambitious goals for ourselves and our main aim was to deliver highest quality products and work on the most challenging projects in Poland and the rest of Europe. This goal is reflected in our company’s name – Q4Glass (Quality for Glass). We want to deliver the highest quality glass, take part in ambitious projects, and search for innovative solutions.

In 2011 the first machines were installed in our 7,000 sqm factory. Within 6 subsequent years, we had expanded the manufacturing area by additional 6,000 sqm. We have the most modern processing machines allowing us to produce glass units up to 7.3 x 3.21 m. We manufacture glass panels according to most challenging specifications. We have achieved numerous successes over the last years and have been awarded with many complicated and impressive projects. Q4Glass is now working in accordance with quality standards ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015. This strengthens our conviction that we had set the right goals and that the company develops in the right direction.